Save time and money.

Introducing Echo, an easy-to-use mobile application for manufacturing that streamlines communication and captures the data you need to compete.

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Engineered for manufacturing environments

Echo is built on direct research of hundreds of manufacturing professionals and facilities in various regions and industries. We identified the most common pain points and built an app to solve them with simple, easy to use tools.

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Unprecedented insight

Echo allows all its users—from operators to supervisors to plant managers—to know what's happening at all times while providing tools to directly engage employees and solve problems with minimal delay.

Real-time feedback and data capture

Echo virtually eliminates communicational waste through instant notifications to the device. But more than that, it is designed to deliver the right information to the right people, all while capturing critical business data for analysis.

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Understand, analyze, and predict

Echo is two things: a real-time solution for problem solving and a robust data store for shop floor communication. Simply by using the application, facilities can track issues, know who's solving them, how quickly, and how often. And that's just the beginning.

Improve shop floor safety

By eliminating delays in communication across the facility, Echo becomes a safety value-add, allowing everyone to know when something is wrong, or if someone needs help.

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Echo is a real-time tool, but also a data warehouse.

Echo's API stores it all

Echo for Manufacturing is a data warehouse for countless pieces of critical data that are created in manufacturing facilities. Machines, part numbers, people, and issues are constantly flowing through the application, which captures and stores it.

Capture response times, downtime

Simply knowing that something is happening isn't enough. Echo tracks time, people, and pinpoints exactly where, what, and how long a problem exists. This data is critical for awareness and analysis of production.

Improve production & performance

Capturing data is good, but leveraging it for improvement is best. With access to our custom API, Echo for Manufacturing gives facilities a powerful tool to leverage data for improvements and performance tracking with unprecedented clarity.

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